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All canteens in NSW public schools must meet certain requirements. These include providing more healthy food and drink options – to make the healthy choice an easy choice for students. Visit Healthy school canteens to learn more.

Our school canteen, The Snack Shack, is provided by the P&C Association.

It is run by our two paid managers (in a job share scenario) with the additional support of a permanent helper and our volunteers who we rely heavily on to be able to provide the canteen service to the school, five days a week.

We strive to comply with the Healthy Kids Association guidelines and are proud to offer delicious, fresh food for our kids. Much of our food is made from scratch in the canteen and is available over the counter at recess and lunch, as well as online through Flexischools. We provide a range of snack items, frozen treats, sandwiches, wraps, hot food, seasonal specials and meal deals.

Our recess service is from 11:10am to 11:35am.

Children can collect their pre-ordered items from the canteen once the bell goes or purchase items over the counter. Kindergarten recess orders are delivered to a dedicated area so that they are easy to find.

Our lunch service is from 1:10pm to 1:50pm.

All pre-ordered items are placed in class tubs and collected by the children when the bell goes.

Any over the counter items can be purchased after the second bell.

Canteen Menu 

How to order online

Ordering recess and lunch is via Flexischools only.

You will need to register for our online system by visiting and adding your child's school, name and class. Once this process is completed, you will be ready to place your order.

All orders must be placed by 9:00am each day. Please note, if you begin your order too close to the cut-off time, your order may get bumped to the following week. As orders can be scheduled well in advance, we advise placing your order the evening before to avoid this happening.

Also please ensure you press "PLACE ORDER" and check that your child's order is under their name on the home page. If the final step isn't done correctly, we will not receive your order at our end.

Any issues with registration or queries relating to orders please contact Flexischools directly on 1300 361 769.

Cancelling an online order

If your child is sick, or you no longer require your lunch/recess order please log on to Flexischools BEFORE 8:30am on the day and cancel your order directly. Your account will be automatically credited.

You will be unable to cancel directly if our canteen manager has begun to process orders. In this case, please contact the office on 9451 5440 and they will contact the canteen on your behalf. If you are unable to contact the office for any reason, please send a message to 0450 014 355 with your child's full name and class and with the instructions ‘please cancel'. This will ensure that your order is cancelled before we start any food preparation.

Please remember, we do our best to assist with cancellations and credits however they cannot be guaranteed due to the busy nature of the canteen.

Missing or incorrect items

On occasion, mistakes can be made, items can be forgotten, or an incorrect item placed in your child's bag. This is no problem! We will happily fix any issue if it's brought to our attention on the day.

Once your child has spoken to the supervising teacher they can come to the canteen with their labelled lunch bag and we can provide the missing item or exchange the incorrect item.

Swapping / Changing Orders

Please choose carefully when placing your online order. We DO NOT swap items that have been pre-ordered in case the new item is not what was intended by the parent or carer who ordered.

If your order needs to be changed or an item added, we suggest cancelling your order and re-ordering before the 9:00am cut-off.

Please do not call the canteen to change or add to your order as we are not resourced to take calls during preparation and/or service time.

How to collect frozen items ordered online

At the sound of the second lunch bell children line up in the usual way, with their labelled lunch bag (as proof of purchase) to collect their frozen item.

All Kindergarten orders have the child's name highlighted in pink so that they know they need to come to the canteen to collect a frozen item.

How are menu items chosen?

When considering menu items and stock our canteen manager adheres to the guidelines set out by the NSW Government Healthy School Canteen policy.  For more information on these policies, please visit In addition to these guidelines, decisions are also based on things such as consistency of volunteer numbers, volume of orders, supplier availability, freezer space and cost-effective pricing.

Emergency Lunches

The canteen offers an Emergency Lunch Service for children that have no lunch or recess during the day (upon presentation of a signed note from a teacher). We can offer children an apple or a cup of rice for recess and a sandwich (honey, jam, cheese or vegemite) and an apple for lunch.  We cannot offer hot food or any other item from our menu.  The cost of these items is slightly higher than on the menu as this is an additional service.


Please register any relevant details with the school office and when ordering online, please highlight the "Allergy Alert" option.

We do not use any nut products in the preparation of menu items in the canteen, however we do stock pre-packaged foods.

Unfortunately, we are unable to prepare special meals for your child's particular allergy.

We are happy though, for you to come to the canteen (at a convenient time) to view the nutritional information of the items we stock. If they are suitable, you can order them via Flexischools and we will supply them to your child.

Canteen Communications and enquiries

Please feel free to email us at or call or text us on 0450 014 355 if you have any questions.


Volunteer support is vital to keep our canteen open five days a week.

We have two short shifts available: recess 9:15am to 11:45am and lunch 12:30pm to 2:00pm

Booking a shift can be done by popping into the canteen, sending us a text on 0450 144 355, sending us an email at or online via our booking system A link to our online booking system is usually sent out a couple of weeks prior to the end of term.

Notices regarding open shifts and all things canteen related can be found in the school newsletter, The Grapevine, the AHPS P&C Facebook page and on eschoolnews.


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